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| Hi guys,
| Can the UDM-LAN interface return error codes back to the user?  As
| far as I can tell, it can't.
| In unassemble_ipmi_lan_pkt2() there is:
|   if (pkt_len != lan_packet_length)
|     {
|       free (tmpl_lan_packet);
|       return (-1);
|     }
| So if the packet is an "incorrect" length, an error code won't be
| parsed and returned.
If we receive incomplete or corrupted packet, parsing (i.e. lesser or
greater bytes) would lead to memory faults. It is safer to drop the
packet instead. 

Currently ipmi_lan_cmd2 checks for < or > length cases and reports to
STDERR stream to user to report to freeipmi-devel(at)gnu.org mailing
list. unassemble is called only in case of proper length. You may also

Also look at the recently introduced way to pass error messages. 
ipmi_device_t has a field "errmsg[IPMI_ERR_STR_MAX_LEN]" to hold a
more detailed latest error string. If return codes are -1, high level
calls can use this string, instead of less informative "errno".

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