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| Hey Rene,
| Thanks.  That verifies atleast why it's failing.  
| /* At this point we only support SYSTEM_IO, i.e. inb/outb style IO.
| If we cant find the bass address, we better exit. -- Anand Babu */
| if (dev->io.inband.locate_info.addr_space_id !=
|      {
|        errno = ENODEV;
|        return (-1);
|      }
| The IBM's use memory mapped io.  This is the first machine (that
| I've seen) with memory mapped rather than port based i/o for in-band

Hi Rene, I got time to work on this only now. I think you have changed
the pass code.

OpenBSD guys got inband driver to work on IBM e325. This looks like a
BMC firmware bug. Refer to

Can you please try "no-probing" option. This will force the KCS driver
to use successive reg-spacing (=1byte) and I/O mapped access.

 # bmc-info --no-probing

Second thing I may try is to increase the value of
libfreeipmi/src/ipmi-kcs-api.c:IPMI_KCS_SLEEP_USECS to something
higher. Because MSI's BMC is slow in I/O.

We may also need SDR firmware fixes. I will tell you what you need to
report to IBM once we get the basic stuff to work.

Anand Babu 
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