Albert Chu wrote:
You know right, On IBM e325, only ipmi-locate and bmc-info works inband.BMC doesn't respond properly for other commands.

bmc-config works out of band, so it's not an ipmi compliance issue with
the bmc commands.  If it can't work in-band w/ --noprobing, then
wouldn't it be a probing/locate issue in the fish code?

Problem is in crappy KCS controller. bmc-info when forced to work on IO-MAPPED KCS interface, it works OK. Rest of the tools don't. Because get_device_info is a simple IPMI command with no much data. bmc-config
starts to fetch data and hangs in the middle.

It may be possible to tweak the KCS driver to work for this BMC, But I don't have access to e325 any more.

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