First to answer your question
>>Is it possible to bridge Ipmi Commands from IPMB-L to IPMB-0. ?
the answer is yes.
The AMC.0 spec (defining the AMC carrier behavior) explicitely requires 
explicit message bridging capability on the carrier.
ΒΆ 140 The Carrier IPMC also supports message bridging to the Shelf Manager from 
an MMC.

When the Carrier IPMC receives a "Send Message" command to IPMI messaging 
Channel 0

from an MMC, it extracts the message and redirects the command to the Shelf 
Manager over

IPMB-0. If the Shelf Manager's response is received, the Carrier IPMC reformats 

response and sends it to the MMC.


I'm not sure if all implementations support that correctly however.


To test it, try a supported command instead (such as "mc info" or "picmg 
addrinfo") . Maybe the parameters you specify are wrong.

"ipmitool -t 0x20 -m 0x7a mc info" or "ipmitool -t 0x20 -m 0x7a picmg addrinfo"

What carrier/amc are you using ?

Francois Isabelle


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Sorry forgot a bit of information,

Here is the Command I am sending,
GetAddress Info to the Shelf Manager
[EMAIL PROTECTED]:/root> ipmitool -t0x20 -m 0x7a raw 0x6 0x34 0x40 0x20 0xb0 
0x30 0x82 0 0x1 0 0x9d
Error:cc sending RAW command

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Hi all,

Is it possible to bridge Ipmi Commands from IPMB-L to IPMB-0. Basically I am 
sending IPMI commands from AMC on a carrier blade to the Shelf Manager. I am 
trying something similar to below,

ipmitool -t 0x20 -m 0x7a raw <Send Message Command to Shelf Manager> where,
0x7a: AMC Address on IPMB-L
-t 0x20: IPMC of Carrier blade

I am hoping the IPMI commands traverse following path,
System Interface on AMC -> IPMC present on Carrier Card, IPMB-L -> Shelf 
Manager, IPMB-0

Does the IPMCs on Carrier blade have bridging Capability? From IPMI v1.5 spec 
it seems that only BMC (Shelf Manager) has the bridging capability.

If it is possible to bridge commands from IPMB-L to IPMB-0, please point me to 
the details of parameters to Send Message Command.
Raghavendra G 
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Raghavendra G 
OpenClovis Solutions, Bangalore
+91 9880213025 

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