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| Hello,
| | I'm considering FreeIPMI library and API for an upcoming project. It
| appears to provide two API forms; UDM and a default. What
| suggestions can you offer for choosing one of these models for my
| application?
| | The SSIF is of specific interest because we need to interface a CPU
| to a local BMC via I2C. The CPU needs to send commands and be able
| to monitor for sensor events. Will either of the library models
| support these services?
| | I'm currently digging through the source code and tools to get a
| better understanding of all the available API's Other than the
| header files, does some sort of "API summary" and description exist
| anywhere?
| | Thanks for all suggestions, Andrew
UDM is basically an abstraction layer for all drivers including inband
and outofband.  In your case, it seems that your tool is inband only
and ssif specific. You can choose to directly talk to the ssif

Per Albert's suggestion, I will not use the UDM model.

My only uncertainty is about giving the local CPU the ability to receive events from the BMC - while at the same time allowing it to send commands. I've looked but can't seem to find an "event handler" capability, other than SEL functions. Does freeipmi provide such a function?

Let me know if you are struck some where.

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