Hi Al,

I attach again the output of the call with --debug and the backtrace. It
was the first time that I used gdb, so I hope I understood the tutorials

At the moment I'm not able to run ipmi-sensors locally, because I'm not
root on "gtseval" (the host of gtseval-ipmi) and I've to wait until I get
rw-rights for /dev/ipmi0 again. And we have week-end ;)

You are right, I'm running the IPMItool and FreeIPMI on an i386. On
gtseval is a 64bit-System, so perhaps this is the reason for not crashing

Have a nice Sunday,

> Hey Gregor,
> Can't see anything suspicuous in the code.  Here's another tar.gz that I
> added a whole bunch of extra printfs to try and give me more information,
> could you run again (./configure --enable-debug and run ipmi-sensors with
> --debug again).  Also, you mentioned that ipmi-sensors completes locally
> without issue.  Are the number of sensor listed below (ending w/ CPU1 Dmn
> 1 Temp) the same as the number of sensors listed when you run locally?
> Also, is a core dump being output by this crash?  Could you run gdb
> against the core and get a backtrace?  That'd be a lot of help too.
> Thanks for helping me look into this,
> Al
>> Hi Al,
>> thanks for your fast answer.
>> I've tested your test-version and it seems to be on the correct way. It
>> still crashes, but now I get sensor-data :) :
>> [...]
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