Would you like to sell the grain dryers which offers you high earnings. 
Stop to selling more expensive dryers and earn less -
If you earn more than we can sell our grain dryer -
Our company has started production  grain dryer in 2007. Has been exported to 
17 countries in the world .
The main countries are Russia, Ukrainne, Bulgaria, Tatarstan, 
Romania, these countries are few.  The reason to sell many countries a large 
amount in a 
short time  is we have our own features and high capacity by producing 
The best quality can be presented to the cheapest is due. Our prices offer you 
the opportunity to earn big money.  European production and quality 
characteristics in 
Far Eastern prices which compete with the size  without sacrificing the quality 
of product. 
We are offering you  to be our dealer in your region.
Teco Dryer  www.graindryer.net
CEO Erdem Savas
msn yesa...@hotmail.com
GSM: +90 506 854 63 85
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