Dear Sir or Madam;

I work at the TSD of a Server Motherboard Manufacturer/Reseller.  We often
run into issues where end customers, corrupt, or alter, the BMC CHIP
Firmware, e.g. forgotten password, MAC Address issues, such that they end
up requesting that we send them another BMC chip, with their board's MAC
Addresses, pre-configured in the CHIP.  This is a laborious task, first
having to download the firmware, flashing the chip, via EPROM device, then
installing the chip in a compatible machine, then resetting the info in the
chip to factory defaults and finally confirming via router DHCP Table the
validity of the process, e.g. MAC Addresses displayed.

May I ask if your tool suit, Free IPMI, has the capability of modifying a
BMC Firmware Binary File, prior to flashing on a chip such that the the
final firmware modifications will have the end user's MAC Address
information embedded thereby avoiding the above nightmare scenario?

If this is not possible, do you know of any open source software to
accomplish this?



Mark Bennette
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