I'm using the ipmimonitoring library of freeipmi 1.2.9-8.el7.x86_64 on RHEL 7.3 
to monitor values of sensors using IPMI in a program.
For continued monitoring, the program calls the API 
ipmi_monitoring_sensor_readings_by_record_id() every period (in my case 10 

It works fine but for me there is a memory leak issue.

Through some tests, I think the issue is being happened on the API 
For the information, valgrind report is same as below:

$ valgrind --trace-children=yes --leak-check=full 
--log-file=/tmp/valgrind-ipmimon.txt ./ipmimonitoring-sensors

$ cat /tmp/valgrind-ipmimon.txt
==10568== Memcheck, a memory error detector
==10568== Copyright (C) 2002-2015, and GNU GPL'd, by Julian Seward et al.
==10568== Using Valgrind-3.11.0 and LibVEX; rerun with -h for copyright info
==10568== Command: ./ipmimonitoring-sensors
==10568== Parent PID: 25490
==10568== Process terminating with default action of signal 2 (SIGINT)
==10568==    at 0x592F650: __nanosleep_nocancel (in /usr/lib64/libc-2.17.so)
==10568==    by 0x592F503: sleep (in /usr/lib64/libc-2.17.so)
==10568==    by 0x401F9F: main (in /home/test/ipmimonitoring-sensors)
==10568== HEAP SUMMARY:
==10568==     in use at exit: 3,060 bytes in 180 blocks
==10568==   total heap usage: 125,321 allocs, 125,141 frees, 264,313,716 bytes 
==10568== 3,060 (1,440 direct, 1,620 indirect) bytes in 90 blocks are 
definitely lost in loss record 2 of 2
==10568==    at 0x4C28BE3: malloc (vg_replace_malloc.c:299)
==10568==    by 0x5DC25F1: ipmi_get_event_messages (in 
==10568==    by 0x4E3F704: ??? (in /usr/lib64/libipmimonitoring.so.5.0.5)
==10568==    by 0x4E41626: ??? (in /usr/lib64/libipmimonitoring.so.5.0.5)
==10568==    by 0x4E3904F: ??? (in /usr/lib64/libipmimonitoring.so.5.0.5)
==10568==    by 0x5DA44B9: ipmi_sdr_cache_iterate (in 
==10568==    by 0x4E3A853: ??? (in /usr/lib64/libipmimonitoring.so.5.0.5)
==10568==    by 0x4E3AA3B: ipmi_monitoring_sensor_readings_by_record_id (in 
==10568==    by 0x40169F: _ipmimonitoring (in /home/test/ipmimonitoring-sensors)
==10568==    by 0x401F82: main (in /home/test/ipmimonitoring-sensors)
==10568== LEAK SUMMARY:
==10568==    definitely lost: 1,440 bytes in 90 blocks
==10568==    indirectly lost: 1,620 bytes in 90 blocks
==10568==      possibly lost: 0 bytes in 0 blocks
==10568==    still reachable: 0 bytes in 0 blocks
==10568==         suppressed: 0 bytes in 0 blocks
==10568== For counts of detected and suppressed errors, rerun with: -v
==10568== ERROR SUMMARY: 1 errors from 1 contexts (suppressed: 0 from 0)

For the information, it is same in case of using the example 

I don't know whether it is my fault or freeipmi issue.
For the moment I didn't test using latest version as I want to use the freeipmi 
version 1.2.9-8 which is bundled on RHEL v7.3.

Could you please guide or share any information?

Thank you very much in advance.
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