Hello Albert,

1) Using "--legacy-output" works great.  That is an excellent work around.  Do 
you have any idea what information it is lacking?
2) Using "--comma-separated-output" does not work.  I end up getting the same, 
"ipmi_sdr_parse_sensor_units: invalid sdr record ", error.
$ sudo ./ipmi-sel  --comma-separated-output
Caching SDR repository information: 
Caching SDR record 113 of 113 (current record ID 113)
ipmi_sdr_parse_sensor_units: invalid sdr record

We have opened a case with our vendor based on your findings I will let you 
know if they follow up.  This is really helpful for us.  We use freeipmi in 
many of our critical monitoring applications and really appreciate all the work 
you put into it.

Stephen Abbene

´╗┐On 8/14/19, 4:19 PM, "Albert Chu" <ch...@llnl.gov> wrote:

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    Hi Stephen,
    While skimming code, it occurred to me that if we don't bother to
    calculate column widths for pretty output, ipmi-sel might work for you.
    1) does "ipmi-sel --legacy-output" work
    the output is ugly and not as useful as the pretty output (lacks
    information from newer releases), but it's something for you
    2) does "ipmi-sel --comma-separated-output"
    skimming through code, I think I may stupidly calculate columns widths
    even though the user requested comma separated output.  So maybe this
    won't work and is something I need to fix.
    If #1 works, then that gives us a relatively simple avenue for a fix.
    If sensor units aren't available, just don't use that record's sensor
    units in column width calculations.
    There could be additional problems if the vendor actually outputs a
    real event that needs information from that SDR record.  But I would
    consider that unlikely.
    On Wed, 2019-08-14 at 22:07 +0000, Stephen Abbene wrote:
    > Thank you for your analysis Albert.  I will reach out to the vendor
    > with your observations.    Here is the additional debugging output
    > you requested.  The first is the output of ipmi-sel without
    > discretereading, and the second is a build of freeipmi from master
    > branch on git run with ipmi-sel --debug.
    Albert Chu
    Computer Scientist
    High Performance Systems Division
    Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

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