I got an issue "ipmi_sdr_cache_create: SDR record count invalid" when using 
  The "SDR record count" show 213 in command "ipmi-sensors -i", but there are 
483 sensors in my environment.
  Is there any methods can modify "SDR record count".

  I found 
 this method, but I can't find the patch file.

  Here is some information from my environment
[root@quanta ~]# ipmi-sensors -i
SDR version                                       : 1.5
SDR record count                                  : 213
Free space remaining                              : 17424 bytes
Most recent addition timestamp                    : 02/07/2106 - 14:28:15
Most recent erase timestamp                       : 01/01/1970 - 08:00:00
Get SDR Repository Allocation Information Command : supported
Reserve SDR Repository Command                    : supported
Partial Add SDR Command                           : supported
Delete SDR Command                                : unsupported
Modal/non-modal SDR Repository Update operation   : non-Modal supported
SDR could not be written due to lack of space     : No
Number of possible allocation units               : 1919
Allocation unit size                              : 16 bytes
Number of free allocation units                   : 1089
Largest free block                                : 1089 allocation units
Maximum record size                               : 8 allocation units

  I'm not very good at English, so please bear with me.

Best regards
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