Dear FreeIPMI developers,

In freeipmi-1.6.11 the driver libfreeipmi/driver/ipmi-openipmi-driver.c in line 532 calls the select() function:

    if ((n = select (ctx->device_fd + 1,

The Slurm Resource Manager batch queue system for Linux clusters has been hit by crashes due to a bug which has been attributed to the ipmi-openipmi-driver.c using select().

The issue is described in this bug report:

On a very busy Linux cluster it seems that ipmi-openipmi-driver.c may sometimes exceed the number of file descriptors available (1024). The select(2) man-page states:

       POSIX allows an implementation to define an upper limit, advertised via
       the  constant  FD_SETSIZE, on the range of file descriptors that can be
       specified in a file descriptor set.  The Linux kernel imposes no  fixed
       limit,  but  the  glibc  implementation makes fd_set a fixed-size type,
       with FD_SETSIZE defined  as  1024,  and  the  FD_*()  macros  operating
       according  to  that  limit.   To  monitor file descriptors greater than
       1023, use poll(2) instead.

Question: Would it be possible for you to replace the select() by poll() in the FreeIPMI driver/ipmi-openipmi-driver.c code?

Thanks a lot,

Ole Holm Nielsen
PhD, Senior HPC Officer
Department of Physics, Technical University of Denmark

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