> Hi everyone. I'm currently running FreeRadius verison 1.0.5 on a Linux Redhat 
> 9 server. I need to upgrade my FreeRadius to the latest, greatest version 
> 1.1.4. 
> Awhile back i upgraded from 0.9.3 to 1.0.5, but for the life of me i can't 
> remember how to do the upgrade without completely messing up my current 
> configuration.
> Can anyone provide exact instructions on how to go from 1.0.5 to 1.1.4 
> without changing the config files? Thanks.

trivially?  check what options were used with your last version (if its RPM 
then check the .spec file!)
then ./configure your new source with the same options. then backup your 
current config directory
(eg cp -R /etc/raddb /backups/freeradius/todays_date). if using MySQL, use 
mysqldump etc to save the
database. backup the dictionary file directory too. you MAY have local changes.

then shut down the service.

make install

this should NOT blat files. but it may well change permissions. so now check 
the permissions for the files.

then check the SQL schema to check no new entries are needed!

radiusd -X

this should run complete to waiting connections line , if not. check why in the 

now run the service normally. welcome to 1.1.4.   however, you should now spend 
time checking
the new config files (in the source directory) and comparing them to yours to 
check for new
syntax and options...and new features! (also read the changelog). if not used, 
remove the
excess files such as naslist, clients and realms.

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