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> Kenneth Penza wrote:
> >
> >      I am new to freeradius and I need to
> implement
> > the following setup. User with username  bob, has
> to
> > two passwords pass1 and pass2. I want him to
> > authenticate with either one of them, i.e. if he
> > enters username bob and pass1 he is authenticated
> > without the need to enter pass2. How can I
> implement
> > this in freeradius.
>   It's hard, because it's not a good thing to do.
>   What problem are you trying to solve?  There may
> be alternate solutions.
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    What I want to do is to a user has more then one
biometric identity, each linked to a profile.  
    The application reads and processes the biometric
identity in form of a hash or large number. Then I
forward this to radius for authentication, this will
guarantee that user bob with that particular biometric
id, is actually allowed to logon for the given
     The idea is to have a profile based system, in
which the user is authenticated by profile name and
biometric identity. 


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