msammir wrote: > Hello all, > i have the same problem as in this mail in brife 
> i use Cisco router and need to auth user over ppoe and i get the same > 
//NAS-Port// for all users > i am not expert in freeradius so can pleas someone 
help me use  > attr_rewrite to go over this probelm  >  You want to re-write 
NAS port to what, exactly?  >  Alan DeKok.

i want to re-write Nas-Port to be something Unique
like Calling-Station-Id as i use PPPOE
th scenario of my probelm in IPPool as i get the same NAS-Port
for all user radius give the all the same IP.
Ip_pool keys of the combination of nasip/nasport to determine the UNIQUE user 
and as my NAS send over a not unique nasport for each user.
radius see them all as one user and give them all the same IP
if u have othere idea than re-write Nas-Port 
it will be great.


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