You could add an entry like "User-Password == <your_password_here>"
to a default entry in freeradius' users file (/etc/raddb/users,
usually), or do something similar using a group if you have some
user accounts that will need to have different passwords. In that
case, you'd need to use "Group == <your_group_name>" for each user
entry that would use the shared password, and the group entry itself
would contain the "User-Password == <your_password_here>" line.

On Mon, 05 Mar 2007 12:38:53 -0500 Eddy Marcos Rebolledo Velez 
>I need to configure one password for many users, how can i do it?
>because I want to change the passsword for example every week, but 
>not one by one
>I have my freeradius with mysql
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