On Thu 08 Mar 2007 10:38, MSamir wrote:
> Dear Peter,
> after many debug i find that NASA not even send Calling-Station-Id
> so now i have access in that NAS which is Cisco router  72006 VXR
> but it's not send unique NAS or Calling-Station-Id so can you pleas give
> example of how the configuration in router have to be sorry as i am not
> Cisco expert. 

> or can i use value that not depend in what nas send for 
> example just username which is  unique.
Yes. As you can clearly see in sqlippool.conf:

 ## Attribute which should be considered unique per NAS
 ## Using NAS-Port gives behaviour similar to rlm_ippool. Calling-Station-Id 
is for NAS that send fixed NAS-Port
 pool-key = "%{NAS-Port}"
 # pool-key = "%{Calling-Station-Id}

There is also further documentation in the wiki..



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