> >> #ps aux | grep radiusd
> > root     17622 89.6  0.0  4388 2248 pts/1    R+   02:38   0:02 radiusd
> > 
> > # netstat -nlp
> > udp     1580  0*    7579/radiusd
> > udp        0  0*    7579/radiusd
> > 
> > That Local IP can't be a good sign, right?!

> No, that's fine. [...]

Thanks, didn't know that.

But then I really not understand why it does not answer to any requests. 
Process is running but no responses to radiustest and no entries in the log.

Problem ist it runs on UDP so I can't just try with telnet.
Actually: /etc/services does define it should also run on 1812/TCP, and 
radiusd.conf says port = 0 so it really should do as /etc/services says, but it 
doesn't: no TCP.

Little experiment: 
deleting the line 
radiusd    1812/udp   in /etc/services

and setting "port = 1812/tcp" in radiusd.conf

and starting by giving definitely the right config dir: 
# radiusd -d /usr/local/etc/raddb

and... -> still:

netstat -nlp:
udp  0  0*   16289/radiusd

Now how on earth ist this possible? 

Could it be radtest tries only on tcp?

Please tell me: When you start radiusd, is it supposed to display more than 
# radiusd
Thu Mar  8 15:17:28 2007 : Info: Starting - reading configuration files ...

or is this all I should get?

Is there some other possibility how I could test it wether it's running 

Thank you so much for all your help,
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