But I have a few questions.
   First, if I create a new attribute "My-Aes-Password" and include it in
the  Access-Requet packet, I should not include the attributes such as
"User-Password" or "Chap-Password".Is it right?
   For I have read RFC 2865, and gotten the message from page 64th as "[Note
1] An Access-Request MUST contain either a User-Password or a
CHAP-Password or State. An Access-Request MUST NOT contain both a
User-Password and a CHAP-Password. If future extensions allow other
kinds of authentication information to be conveyed, the attribute for
that can be used in an Access-Request instead of User-Password or
CHAP-Password.", I have this question.
   The second question is about how to write modules.Sorry to ask the same
question,but I want to verify my plan to see if it is pratical. The plan is
as follow: I dont amend the module  "rlm_chap" , I just copy all files in
the ./src/modules/rlm_chap/  to a new dictory "rlm_aes" and rename files
rlm_chap.* to rlm_aes.*. Then I edit rlm-chap.c to alter it  to  use  AES
to  analyze  the  request packet. Is it pratical?

2007/2/3, Alan DeKok <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:

yao guoxian wrote:
> Second,suppose we have enabled the NAS(client) and Freeradius to support
> our specified attribute "My-Aes-Password" , how to write the new module
> to handle the attribute?

  See the examples & the documentation.  What about them is unclear?

>    Third , how to enable Freeradius and Nas(client) to support our new
> attribute?Does it need to append the dictionary file a new entry?

  All of this is documented.

  Alan DeKok.
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