radwho lists online users according to radutmp
checkrad doesn't use radwho. It "asks" NAS if user so and so is on
port so and so with session ID so and so.
In session you choose if looking for online users will be done in
database or radutmp. checkrad will be called when online user is
detecded if you put "cisco" as nastype. If you put "other" it won't.

Ivan Kalik
Kalik Informatika ISP

Dana 12/3/2007, "satish patel" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> piše:

>anyone help me please
>I have many problem for simultaneous login user problem i have 
>freeradius-1.1.0 with MSSQL with cisco VPDN configuration i dont know why 
>simultaneous not working with checkrad script
>can u explain me i have confusen in radwho and checkrad command so checkrad 
>command use radwho output ????  and what is sql base simultenoues detection if 
>i enable sql in /etc/radb/radius.conf  in session part
>like :-
>Session {
>             # radtump
>             sql
>what is the radutmp  and sql  if i use radutmp then checkrad call by radius or 
>not i have confuseion in checkrad     and    sql   base simultenous use can u 
>explain me
>$ cat ~/satish/url.txt
>System administrator ( Data Center )
>please visit this site
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