I know this question has been asked many times before.  I have searched
the archives and I have tried what I've found there, but I can't seem to
get this working.

RedHat EL 4 (managed through RHN, so latest available versions)

I have 4 NAS-IP-Addresses.

My users are split into 6 groups (some are in multiple groups): public,
faculty, staff, student, vpn, and admin.

I would like the users to get access to the NAS by virtue of being in a
        vpn &
        faculty, staff, student & public

What steps do I need to follow to implement this?  I have tried many
combinations in "huntgroups", "users", and "radiusd.conf".

Any directions or urls to documentation would be appreciated.

Thank you.
Karen R. McArthur <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Systems Administrator
Information and Library Services, Bates College
Lewiston, Maine 04240 USA
ph:(207)786-8236   fax:(207)786-6057

*****some ldif output******
        dn: uid=user1,ou=People,dc=example,dc=com
        objectClass: radiusprofile
        radiusGroupName: staff
        radiusGroupName: vpn
        radiusGroupName: admin

        dn: uid=user2,ou=People,dc=example,dc=com
        objectClass: radiusprofile
        radiusGroupName: student

        dn: uid=user3,ou=People,dc=example,dc=com
        objectClass: radiusprofile
        radiusGroupName: faculty
        radiusGroupName: vpn

        dn: cn=vpn,ou=ldap-auth,dc=example,dc=com
        objectClass: groupOfNames
        cn: vpn
        member: uid=user1,ou=People,dc=example,dc=com
        member: uid=user3,ou=People,dc=example,dc=com

        dn: cn=vpn,ou=profiles,ou=radius,ou=services,dc=example,dc=com
        objectClass: radiusprofile
        cn: vpn
        radiusServiceType: Framed-User
        radiusFramedProtocol: PPP
        radiusFramedRouting: None

*********** radiusd.conf ************
ldap {
        server = "ldap.example.com"
        filter = "(uid=%{Stripped-User-Name:-%{User-Name}})"
        basedn = "ou=People,dc=example,dc=com"
        identity = "cn=lnxproxy,ou=LDAPauth,dc=example,dc=com"
        password = itsasecret
        start_tls = no
        tls_cacertfile = /usr/share/ssl/certs/ca-cert.pem
        tls_cacertdir = /usr/share/ssl/certs/
        tls_certfile = /usr/share/ssl/certs/cert.pem
        tls_keyfile = /usr/share/ssl/certs/key.pem
        dictionary_mapping = ${raddbdir}/ldap.attrmap
        ldap_connections_number = 5
        groupname_attribute = cn
        groupmembership_filter = "(&(objectClass=GroupOfNames)(member=%{
        groupmembership_attribute = radiusGroupName
        timeout = 4
        timelimit = 3
        net_timeout = 1

***** users *****
DEFAULT Auth-Type = LDAP Fall-Through = 1
DEFAULT Ldap-Group == "cn=vpn,ou=ldap-auth,dc=example,dc=com",
        Fall-Through = no

********** huntgroups **********
admin NAS-IP-Address ==
        Session-Timeout = 60,
        Idle-Timeout = 30,
        Ldap-Group = admin

public NAS-IP-Address ==
        NAS-IP-Address ==,
        Idle-Timeout = 3600,
        Ldap-Group = public,
        Ldap-Group = faculty,
        Ldap-Group = staff,
        Ldap-Group = student

vpn NAS-IP-Address ==
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