Tim Tyler wrote:
> Ivan, or others,
>    Ok, I can't seem to find documentation on 
> this.  If I don't use the users file, I presume I 
> should create the groups in the radiusd.conf 
> file.  How does one create a group for Students 
> and Staff (syntax)?

  "man rlm_passwd"

>  Can I assign Auth-Type = 
> System for Staff and Auth-Type = LDAP for Staff 
> and have a request against both groups?


> there is no way ahead of time to distinguish 
> between a user that is staff or student.  So I 
> need the solution to first check the system file and then check against ldap.


  I presume you don't have the same username for a staff & student.  In
that case, you can do LDAP lookups to see if they're in LDAP.  If so,
use LDAP.  If not, they should be in /etc/passwd.

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