On Tue 13 Mar 2007 12:09, satish patel wrote:
> Dear guys
>              anybody idea of freeradius with MSSQL compatibliy or
> performance issue ......which is best of method with radius MySql or MSSQL
> which one is best for radius performance


You are likely to get slightly better performance with MySQL or Postgresql 
than with MSSQL due to the extra driver layers required to get to a MSSQL 
server. Pretty much everything else it up to the database systems 
themselves, the table structures you use and the queries you use. In my 
experience Postgresql is by far the preferred DB engine for use with 
FreeRADIUS (It has native INET types and brilliant datetime support) but 
your experiences will vary depending on how you use it. As with any 
database, indexing the queries you run frequently is critical for 

You will certainly get MUCH LESS support from the list by using MSSQL as very 
few people use it in comparison to MySQL and Postgresql.



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