Hi, all
    I am using rlm_sim_file module to perform the authorization
function, so I have to add "sim_file" before "eap" in the authorize{}
of radiusd.conf.
    In general, the authorization function can set the "Auth-Type"
automatically, such as rlm_file or rlm_sql. But I find that the
rlm_sim_file does not do that.

    In the rlm_sim_triplets of Doc, it says that :If this module is
successful at retrieving three sets of triplets, then the EAP-Type:
attribute will be set to SIM. The EAP module itself will set the
Auth-Type to EAP when it sees the EAP-Message attribute.

    I only find that Auth-Type is set in the eap_authorize function.
In my opinion, if rlm_sim_file is used, the eap_authorize will not be

    So , I do not know how Auth-Type is set to EAP when using
rlm_sim_file module?

    Best wishes!

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