Thanks for your reply,

> Thibault Le Meur wrote:
> > Openvpn sometimes needs to renegotiate the connections and 
> thus sends 
> > authentication requests while the connection is still 
> active (with an 
> > already assigned IP address): this causes FR to assign a new IP 
> > address from the pool (which seems normal since FR has no 
> way to know 
> > this is a renegotiation).
>   So why isn't the radiusplugin telling FreeRADIUS what the 
> old IP address was?

Because It's still beta ;-), I can fix this

> > I'd like to patch the openvpn-radiusplugin so that an extra 
> attribute 
> > is sent in the Access-Accept packets so that FR will be able to 
> > differentiate Initial and Renegociation Access-Accept requests and 
> > only assign new IP address from the pool on Initial Access-Accept 
> > requests.
>   I think you mean Access-Request packet.

Sorry for the mistake, I meant Access-Request of course

>  If it doesn't have 
> a Framed-IP-Address attribute, FreeRADIUS can allocate & send 
> one in an Access-Accept.
>  If openvpn re-authenticates a 
> session with an existing IP address, it should send 
> Framed-IP-Address in the Access-Request.

I get you right, my patch may be as easy as to make radiusplugin add the
Framed-IP-Address attribute in the Access-Request packet with the already
assigned IP Address when it is a renegotiation.

Thanks a lot Alan.


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