Hello Michael,

>>  freeRADIUS works quite good and it's possible to authenticate via PAM,
>> for example local logins, ssh-logins, su, chsh, gdm, ... are working
>> quite fine.
>> The only thing is the htaccess from apache2 which will not work. The
>> Radius gets the request and permits the user:
>   I would suggest finding out why Apache is requiring more from PAM than
> everyone else does.  It's not really a pam_radius problem, because it
> works with everything else.

we had similar problems with radius and Apache2 (it is not a RADIUS/PAM
problem!) PAM didn't work for us neither, so a colleague found another
radius module for Apache 2:


But it only works with Apache 2.0.x. With Apache 2.2.x we didn't manage
to get any radius authentication working.


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