Hi guys!

I have two minor problems with the radius counter. I am using the radius
counter for counting the "sessiontimeout", which works quite good.

counter sessiontimeout {
        filename = ${logdir}/db.sessiontimeout
        key = User-Name
        count-attribute = Acct-Session-Time
        reset = never
        counter-name = Daily-Session-Time
        check-name = Session-Timeout
        cache-size = 5000

If the user reaches the saved allowed max session time, the connection
gets disconnected and the user is not allowed to connect again until the
time value has been reseted. Works great ...

I also want to achieve the same behavior for another counter, the
Acct-Input-Octets, but it doesn't really work. I can define a maximum
value for "Input Octets" and if the user exceeds this value, he cannot
connect again. Unfortunately, the connection doesn't get disconnected
after the user reached his limit, do I have to configure something
additional? It works for the Sessiontimeout, why doesn't it work for the
Input-Octets? Any ideas? Is it possible?

counter maxinput {
        filename = ${logdir}/db.maxinput
        key = User-Name
        count-attribute = Acct-Input-Octets
        reset = never
        counter-name = Input-Octets
        check-name = ChilliSpot-Max-Input-Octets
        cache-size = 5000

The second problem is, that I have Acct-Input-Octets AND
Acct-Output-Octets in my radius dialog and I want to use ONE counter,
which should contain the sum of Acct-Input-Octets+Acct-Output-Octets, I
already tried to use
count-attribute = (Acct-Input-Octets+Acct-Output-Octets),
but it didn't work ... Any suggestions for that problem? Any ideas?

I appreciate every kind of help!
Thanks guys!

best regards
Peter Gastinger

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