as suggested, I'm working with exec module.
        exec {
                post-auth:User-Password = 
                wait = yes
                input_pairs = request
the content of /usr/local/etc/raddb/jradius.forward script is just:
echo 123456

so, the user's password that I'm using is 123456(inserted at secureW2 Windows 
XP popup), but I'm yet receiving ciphered User-Password at destination custom 

I have changing the content of jradius.forward script to

echo 123456789

just to see if the password sended is the one returned by jradius.forward 
script, but all entries at radiusd -X shows:
Processing the post-auth section of radiusd.conf
rlm_jradius: packing attribute User-Password (type: 2; len: 6)

Conclusion: the User-Password attribute is not been changed by the external 
script, once the length should be 9 ...

some idea about what is wrong?

one more point: I'm setting user's password at etc/raddb/users file (it mey be 
a problem, i mean ... does it fixing the password?).

thanks a lot, 


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Erico Augusto wrote:

> I'm trying to forward username and password to my own app, using
> post-auth section, to perform user authentication, as described below
> ... is that possible?

 Yes.  See the "exec" module.  Why do you think the pap module has
anything to do with it?

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