I have a question I can't seem to answer with the mail archives or

Let me begin by explaining what I'm trying to do:

- PEAP/MSCHAPv2 authentication, no client certificates, with a WinXP
- The server certificate is self-signed.

>From the FAQ, I have:

- Installed the hot fix from MS KB 885453
- Included the required OID in the server certificate
- Followed MS requirements for server certificates in KB 814394

The only way I can get this setup to work, is if I import my root
certificate onto my
client machine. Otherwise, I get the typical Access-Request and
Access-Challenge back
and forth. 

My question: Is importing the root certificate onto your client necessary
when self-signing 
your own server certificate?

If not, then I guess I'm still doing something wrong, but I would like to
make sure before I
continue to troubleshoot. 

Any help is greatly appreciated.


Damian Davalos

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