Hi everyone,

FreeRadius 1.0.1 here, the one which comes as standard with RHEL 4.

I want to use a whole class B subnet ( in an ippool declaration 
to assign IP addresses from. Now it is said that the cache-size parameter 
should be equal to the number of IP addresses in the pool. But if I try to set 
it to 65536, the server won't start (it'll crash actually).

So what is the **real** meaning and use of this parameter ? You have to specify 
the start and end of the pool, so then why set another parameter with a value 
that can be trivially calculated by the server anyway ?

And more importantly, what are the right guidlines on setting the value for 
this parameter ? Making it equal to the number of IP addresses in the pool 
won't work and it just doesn't make any sense to me.

Finally, if I change the value of this parameter, beside restarting FreeRadius, 
do I have to do anything else ? Do I have to delete the related database and 
index files in order for the change to take place ?

Thank you in advance.

Best regards,

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