Ibrar Ahmed wrote:
>>   Then the RADIUS code in radiusclient is buggy.
> Don't think so (I should be wrong rather than radiusclient)

  The error message from radiusd is pretty definitive.

>>   Can you say which version of radiusclient you are using?  What CPU you
>> are running this on?
> freeradius = Version 1.1.14
> freeradius client  library version = Version 1.1.14
> OS = xubuntu 6.10
> When I have tried my same example with radiusclient_ng_kdev it works fine 
> now. I don't know whats
> wrong with the freeradius client library.

  1.1.14 was taken from radiusclient-ng, and has bugs.  1.1.15 of
freeradiusclient has a number of bugs fixed, including 64-bit problems.
 Use that.

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