On Mar 26, 2007, at 19:35, lishuai zhao wrote:

> Hi, everyone:
>     I added a new module named rlm_name to FreeRADIUS and produced
> makefile as rlm_example, also I add rlm_name to src/modules/stable.
>     When I do ./configure; make; make install, all the process are  
> sucessful.
>     If I do not use module rlm_name, the radius sever can run  
> normally.
>     But when I add rlm_name in the modules {} of radiusd.conf and run
> ./radiusd -X,
> it says
>     Failed to link to module "rlm_name" : file not found.
>     All the .la .lo and .a files generated can be found in /usr/ 
> local/lib.
>     I have been searching mailing list for a long time, but every
> method is useless to me.
>     Any one can help me?
>     Thank you very much!

See the Wiki for a complete example on how to build a module.  You  
can build it within FreeRADIUS, but there are a number of things you  
have to do to make that work.  Its much easier to build it by itself  
and then just add it into modules and it will be loaded and used.
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