Rachmel, Nir (Nir) wrote:
> I have noticed, that when configuring my box with a DNS server, then
> once a user attempts login, a call is attempted at the radius server and
> some kind of query is sent to the DNS server.
> Looking into the code revealed that there is a call to gethostbyname(),
> intended to resolve the ip of myself according to my hostname - or at
> least that is what
> I could figure out from the available code.


> Why is it done, and how bad would it be if I changed that call to
> something simpler that won't demand a connection to the DNS server?

  It's done because it's easy to code, and because it's easier than
explaining to people why the PAM module doesn't do DNS lookups.

  If you don't want it to do DNS lookups, replace the gethostbyname()
with code that parses an IPv4 address.

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