i have freeradius/mysql/dialup_admin running with one problem i cannot solve. 
I've already searched the web and the archives and cannot find the answer.
The interface is running fine except for users containing a hash "#" in the 
name, for example user1#domain. All other users which do not contain this 
character are working fine.
I can search the database using the find.php3 script to get the list of all 
users, but if i try to edit one using the link provided by the search page, the 
interface returns "user name [user1] does not exists" because of the hash in 
the url. I think it is interpreted as location hash.
The request in the access log of the webserver is just
thats why dialup_admin cannot find the user.

If i enter the username into the edit user field it is working. The same 
problem exists when trying to use the "administer selected user" button in the 
show group menu.

Anyone already had this problem or any ideas how to solve it?

freeradius 1.0.2-4sarge3
freeradius-dialup_admin (tried from 1.1.3-3 up to 1.62) 
mysql 4.0.24-10sarge2


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