I have implement freeradius with LDAP + cisco VPDN my problem is my 
authentication working with PAP but when i try for authentication from CHAP it 
is not working error is password  not clear text  so i have read many document 
about it   and ppl talking about store passwd in clear text but also i have ass 
passwd in clear text still it is not working 

$cat users.ldif
dn: uid=example,ou=users,ou=radius,dc=tulipit,dc=com
objectClass: person
objectClass: inetOrgPerson
cn: example
sn: example
uid: example
userPassword: test

but this is not work with my CHAP authentication so what is the problem can 
anyone explain me in detail  i want to know resone about this problem 

also i have change password_header ="{clear}"  in radius.conf file but still 
not working

$ cat ~/satish/url.txt

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