>          I have implement freeradius with LDAP + cisco VPDN my 
> is my authentication working with PAP but when i try for 
> from CHAP it is not working error is password  not clear text  so 
i have 
> read many document about it   and ppl talking about store passwd 
> clear text but also i have ass passwd in clear text still it is 
> working 

As I understand it, (open)ldap doesn't ever divulge the password in 
hash form or otherwise to freeradius. That is, the authorization & 
authentication is done by the ldap server, which returns valid or 
invalid for the credentials freeradius proxied. There may be a way 
to make this work, but I wouldn't know how.

MSCHAP, or MSCHAPv2 can be made to work via samba's winbind daemon, 
if you have access to an active directory domain. 

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