On Wed 28 Mar 2007 19:28, Alan DeKok wrote:
> Brad Lachel wrote:
> > I am trying to create a log that tell me who attempted to login,
> > when, where and what the result was.  I have uncommented the auth_log
> > line and the reply_log line as well as the detail auth_log and detail
> > reply_log sections.  When I start up radius, it appears that both the
> > auth_log and reply log are activated as they both appear correctly in
> > the instantiated section of the startup process.  When an attempt is
> > made to login, the authentication is logged, but the reply is not.
> > What am I missing?
>   Run it in debug mode, and see if it calls the "reply_log" module.
> > I will admit that I am not real comfortable in deciphering the how-
> > to's and config files associated with freeradius, but I think that I
> > have done what I need to in order to get what I am looking for.
>   The documentation is clear... sometimes.  That's why I'm writing the
> book.  I don't think the book will cover everything, but maybe the
> second edition will do that. :)
> > freeradius is being used to authenticate users to wireless access
> > points, the ideal log would look something like this:
> >
> > MAC time            WAP IP          result
>   In the CVS head (what will be 2.0), you can easily create that format
> with the "line_log" module.  In 1.1.5, it's problematic..

As will the acctlog module which allows you to spit any type of accounting 
packet out in a configurable single line log to either radiusd.log or 
syslog.. (I use it for keeping track of user disconnects via my centralised 
syslog server..)



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