Michael Messner wrote:

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>hey all,
> not a freeRADIUS problem but I hope that someone can help me.
>I have no problem with my ibook to connect to a wireless network via
>802.1x but I can't find any possibility to make a connection to a
>802.1x-secured wired network!
>Am I blind or is this not supported from OSX? Any other supplicants for
>OSX available?
>thanks for every info

If you have at least 10.4.8 OS X version, you have all types of 802.1x 
built in (including TTLS-PAP) ... no need to install other supplicats. 
Only problem is that sometimes the automathic detection of 
authentication type selects wrong method.

Go to System Preference / Network / Airport  and enter the 802.1x 
details manualy.

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