Alison Lee wrote:
> We would like to load-balance 802.1X wireless authentications on 
> multiple radius servers. The problem is that EAP methods require a 
> series of requests and replies between the client and the same radius 
> server, but a normal radius proxy will treat each request as a new one 
> and forward them to different servers. With the latest release of 
> FreeRADIUS, is it possible to keep states in the proxy server so that it 
> can distinguish new requests from current outstanding requests?


  Coincidentally, though, I've been working on upgrading the server core
in preparation for 2.0.

  I *believe* it's possible to add that load-balancing of EAP as a
module.  Not as part of EAP, because other methods use State, too.  But
it looks to be pretty simple.

  If you're willing to run the CVS head, there may be this capability
next week.

  Alan DeKok.
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