Andrew Long wrote:
> I think I got it, I can now authenticate with ntradping, but I get an
> attribute dump:
> "unknown vendor 8744, size xx=''" repeated many times...

  From... ntradping.

> Is this because I am impersonating the NAS from a laptop? ie., should 
> clear up when the NAS is actually authenticating or does this point to
> another misconfiguration?

  It means that you configured FreeRADIUS to return attributes that
ntradping doesn't understand.  It's OK, because ntradping doesn't
understand much of anything.

  If you used radclient (which comes with FreeRADIUS), it would print
out the attribute names, because it's well written, and uses the
FreeRADIUS dictionaries.

  I'm a little at a loss for why people insist on using ntradping when
radclient does more...

  Alan DeKok.
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