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> Date: Fri, 30 Mar 2007 09:04:40 +0200
> From: Alan DeKok <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> Subject: Re: load balancing 802.1x auth requests
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> Alison Lee wrote:
>> We would like to load-balance 802.1X wireless authentications on 
>> multiple radius servers. The problem is that EAP methods require a 
>> series of requests and replies between the client and the same radius 
>> server, but a normal radius proxy will treat each request as a new one 
>> and forward them to different servers. With the latest release of 
>> FreeRADIUS, is it possible to keep states in the proxy server so that it 
>> can distinguish new requests from current outstanding requests?
>   No.
>   Coincidentally, though, I've been working on upgrading the server core
> in preparation for 2.0.
>   I *believe* it's possible to add that load-balancing of EAP as a
> module.  Not as part of EAP, because other methods use State, too.  But
> it looks to be pretty simple.
>   If you're willing to run the CVS head, there may be this capability
> next week.
>   Alan DeKok.
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Id be more than willing to help test this too :)

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