> Yes it is windows PEAP, but my question is? Every that i plug in the network
> cable it is going to recognize my computer without  asking me  for  the
> Active  Directory  Login,  lets put  this  way,  i log off from the
> workstation and the some one else logins, it would not ask for his
> credentials.

this has nothing to do with FreeRADIUS - its Windows that is caching this.
depending on the system configuration, if SOMEONE ELSE logs in, then
they would have to put in their details - unless thats also been previously 
cached. are you using machine authentication? in that case, the machine will
always be using its ID for login and not the users... the real headaches start
when their AD password has been changed...at which point the windows
cached version no longer gets past authentication on the RADIUS end.....

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