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> Are there any performance statistics available for freeradius? I am 
> using 1.1.5 and mysql 5 and trying do determine if there will be a 
> bottleneck in radius packet processing. The makers of my NAS are 
> saying that this could become an issue and I am just trying to see 
> what type of numbers people believe this solution should handle. Is it 
> 10 transactions / second or 10,000.
> Thanks in advance
> murray
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In general FreeRADIUS will never be the bottleneck unless you are doing 
things like calling external scripts (instead of using 
rlm_perl/rlm_python). What you should do is make sure that your database 
can handle the load (create indexes, enlarge cache size etc).
See the testimonials page on http://www.freeradius.org/testimonials.html 
for actual cases.
Don't expect your installation to handle more than a few 
transactions/sec unless you are handling way too much traffic.As long as 
your sql dabatase is quick enough you won't have any problems.
You can find a few performance tips on a page of my blog at 
Hope this helps
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