> > Now we're taking a step back because I tried changing the 
> username on 
> > the NAS and in the SQL and can no longer authenticate with 
>   Why use ntradping?  Use radclient.

I will in the future, but I'm in mid-stream here...

>   And you're using CHAP... which is why it doesn't match.
> > --------------------------------------------------------------
> > 1176        hiegalleria_cn3200      password        
> > --------------------------------------------------------------
>   Change the attribute name to Cleartext-Password, and the 
> operator to ":=".

I have about 20 other NAS's using this identical configuration and they all

>   See "man users" for an explanation of the operators.  
> You're comparing the value to the User-Password in the 
> request (which doesn't exist).
> So... the comparison fails.

Just for giggles, I restored the username to the old one in
radcheck/radreply and
in my ntradping request... and it authenticated properly. Can you explain
This was done without making any changes to the operator or attribute.


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