I managed to do password checking for user, it works. Now i would  
like to return soem things in Access-Accept when SER sends packet :

rad_recv: Access-Request packet from host, id=160,  
         User-Name = "[EMAIL PROTECTED]"
         Service-Type = SIP-Caller-AVPs
         NAS-Port = 0
         NAS-IP-Address =

but i get Access-Reject :

modcall: leaving group authorize (returns ok) for request 3
auth: type Local
auth: No User-Password or CHAP-Password attribute in the request
auth: Failed to validate the user.
Login incorrect: [EMAIL PROTECTED]/<no User-Password attribute>] (from  
client openser2 port 0)

I juest ant to return some parameters.

Dariusz Dwornikowski

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