Dear guys

                   I have very strange problem i am useing freeradius with 
mssql database and it is working fine since 1 month without error but last week 
my radius server power switch off or due to any power reson my radius machine 
would shutdown now when it come back i run radwtmp there is list of users and 
when i goes or telnet on cisco NAS there is no one users and after it i check 
radius log i saw the max 1 login error means multiple users login problem so 
what is the problem i know the problem but this is not a way caz it caz happend 
any time then i delete /var/log/radius/radutmp file then again users able to 
login this is the simultaneous login problem i know caz checkrad first check 
radutmp and then check in to NAS i know logic behind this but this is not a 
proper solution then how can i resolve it is there any method to adovide this 

$ cat ~/satish/url.txt

System administrator ( Data Center )

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