I have problem of disconnecting  user from radius or NAS so i am useind 
radclient command to disconnect users i have cisco NAS 3600 VPDN configuration 
it is supported packet of disconnect but problem is when i send disconnect 
request from my NAS i got error session not mached

[EMAIL PROTECTED] tmp]# cat packet.txt

[EMAIL PROTECTED] tmp]# cat packet.txt | radclient -x 
disconnect tulip786
Sending Disconnect-Request of id 161 to port 1700
        User-Name = "mlpm322"
        Acct-Session-Id = "0000F034"
rad_recv: Disconnect-NAK packet from host, id=161, length=41
        Reply-Message = "No Matching Session"

i got this error ??? so what is this why i got this error session not mached 
??? i am find users session id from radwho -i command 

can you explain me why this happend ???

$ cat ~/satish/url.txt

System administrator ( Data Center )

please visit this site

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