Patric wrote:
> I have 3 records for 3 different users all with the same 
> acct_session_id.

  Your NAS is broken.  Knowing that doesn't help much, but your NAS is
definitely broken.

> 2 of these records have the same acct_unique_id,

  How?  The default configuration of the server includes User-Name in
the unique ID calculation.  So unless you've edited the configuration to
*remove* that, I don't see how its possible.

> I have 2 records with the same acct_session_id but they are for 2 
> different users. Each record has a different acct_unique_id though. So 
> if I make a composite key combining the session and unique id's

  Why?  I don't understand.

  The whole point of the unique ID created by the acct_unique module in
FreeRADIUS is to have *it* create the unique ID's.  Hacking extra keys
on top of it is pointless work.

> Am I missing something? Is there any other way to do this? I do not know 
> why I am getting duplicate acct_session_id's from my NAS, but as I said 
> there is no way for me to go that route...

  Your NAS is broken.  It happens.

  i.e. It's likely working as the manufacturer intended, but not as the
customer needs.

> Any help or guidance would REALLY be appreciated!

  Post the "key" for the acct_unique module.  Explain how two different
User-Names can result in the same key.

  Alan DeKok.
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