Arran Cudbard-Bell wrote:
> More weirdness
> Seems to work fine when I define the host using ipaddr, as opposed to a 
> hostname.

  Hmm... I thought I had documented in "proxy.conf" that "hostname"
doesn't work yet.  Oh well.

> What would be really cool is if you made a minor change to the clients 
> configuration section, so that it mirrored the format
> of the home_server declarations.

  Ok.  I'll look at that.

  I'm also looking at support for in-server templates, similar to what
you did with include files.  It looks to be about 100 lines of code, and
can simplify the configuration a lot.

> Which
> a) Keeps everything in a standard format

  Yes, that's good.

> b) Allows you to define certain variables centrally, so that if 
> something changes such as the top level domain
> of a bi directional proxy, you don't have to go hunting through changing 
> all the entries.

  Hmm... I *strongly* recommend not using domain names in clients
sections or home_server sections.  It's a very bad idea.

> Though I know this breaks compatibility with 1.1.* , and I don't know 
> how much your trying to keep compatibility
> with 1.1.*.

  It should be as compatible as possible.  But if breaking compatibility
has huge advantages, it can be seriously considered.

  Alan DeKok.
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