Arran Cudbard-Bell wrote:
>>   Yes, they're in CVS.  Also see raddb/templates.conf for some minimal
>> documentation.
> Hmm didn't come through in the install :(

  See the distribution directory, not the install directory.  I haven't
had a chance to update the Makefiles yet.

>>   Almost anywhere.  Sub-sections aren't supported yet (e.g. multiple SQL
>> modules).
> Aww, would be cool if they were. I do actually use multiple sql 
> configurations, but they're just selecting data from different databases
> so much of the configuration is the same. But still very nice :)

  Yes.  It's probably not much more code to do sub-sections, but I want
to be sure it's done right.

> Now if only I could enable multiple home servers in the same pool ;-)

  I think the problem is you're still using hostname in home_servers..
Don't.  It doesn't work, and it won't work until I find some time to fix it.

> I've been thinking about the DNS issue, if every time a hostname string 
> is used then a hostname lookup must be performed
> then your right thats really icky. A possible solution would be 
> something resembling the expressions module,
> ipaddr = '%{}

  That's interesting.  It would definitely be more generic than the
current method.

> If you don't feel like writing the code i'd be happy to do it, would
> make a nice starting project.

  Sure.  The main problem is that the configuration variables get
expanded before the modules are loaded.  Doing DNS lookups via another
hook is therefore hard.  Useful as heck, but hard.

  Alan DeKok.
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